Counter Top Plaque with Storage Drawer - NEW ITEM

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Counter Top Plaque with Storage Drawer - Acrylic stand with built-in drawer, ideal for storing your slides - Brushed Gold Plaque.

Never lose or damage your slides again!

Customised plaques are available, simply click on "Customise my Plaque" under "Plaque Extras" and enter the details in the instructions box below. We offer them in various colours and you can also include your own logo. Email us your logo after placing the order.

This plaque uses 175mm x 21mm Name Slides.

  • Plaque Total Size - 290mm W x 370mm H x 150mm D
  • Base Foot Print - 290mm x150mm
  • Drawer Size - 280mm x 140mm x 50mm

Please note - Name slide inclusion details:

  • Name Slides will only be included if you tick the appropriate box i.e. (name Slide 1 .....) and /or (Name Slide 2, 3.....) under name slides to be included with Plaque
  • You can order additional or customised Name Slides separately from the Guild Slides Category.


Counter Top Plaque With Storage Drawer
* Optional Rear or Front Drawer - See images above

* Name Slides to be included with Plaque:

* Name Slide 1 - Pharmacist in Charge   
* Name Slide 2 - Pharmacist on Duty   
* Name Slide 3 - Dispensary Assistant   
* Customisation instructions for Plaque

$245.00 (AUD) incl GST